Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Stuff

Connor during Xmas Dec. 05

When we were still dating...don't know the date

Fresno Hmong New Year - 2007-08

It's only been two weeks into blogging and I've already been slacking. I will try my hardest not to since I know I have some hard core fans out there...kidding. :P Anyways, this weekend was pretty busy for me. I attending my first SLR class at Wolf Camera. It wasn't the class that I wanted but basically just showed the Memory Cards - how they record, how much storage, and how to handle them and the basic functions of the camera which I already knew. I wanted to take the other class that actually takes you into using the camera but that's not until 2 more weeks. I'll wait to take that and see if I need any additional classes. I really want to take the Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 but I'm doing free tutorials which is pretty cool because I actually learned how to merge two photos together and I know nothing about it before so I'm happy using all these free stuff. Can't beat that considering I've spent almost 2K on all this stuff. :( but I'm loving my camera so it's all worth it. :)

Besides that, I went to a friend's kids' birthday party. Notice I said KIDS... I hate it when parents throw in two birthday parties at once. I believe every kid deserve their own parties. hehehe...just my own personal opinion. I really wanted to bring my SLR camera but I didn't want others to think I was crazy taking all these pictures and I loaned my point and shoot camera out to my sister in law since she was visiting family and NO, I would never loan my new SLR camera out to anyone. SORRY so please Don't Ask! :) So, that's why I have no pictures of my adventurous weekend. And trust me, I so wanted to take pictures.

Oh yeah, I made two of those so called story book from Wolf Camera on Sunday since I had these coupons of 2 free books so I decided to make it for Connor and Caitaleena and omg...in Caitaleena's book, I inserted a pic of her naked on there by accident. It was her bath picture and I can't believe I didn't see it even though, YES, I was rushing to get it done by the time they close. I have to put a sticker over it. And I felt so bad when Christien asked me where his book is? I said, oh honey...I'm still making it for you. hehehe...fast thinking mommy... So of course, he's happy. I finally started on his scrapbook and I'll have to post a couple of the layouts on here...not as creative as others but hoping to get there.
Overall, I had a so called productive weekend...finally. I must have gotten the motivation from my previous post regarding A.D.D...hehehe.

And YES, I'm very mad at my hubby...cause he thinks he's single. I can't stand that because I didn't have my kids by myself. Ok...I feel better now.

Of course, I will end this post with pictures again. I have plenty so..enjoy!


  1. awwwww i love the picture of your son in the christmas sock! looking forward to reading more from your blog :)

  2. The pic of you and Adam is in 1999. I remember being pregnant that year with Yani, hahaha.

    Hope you get to learn more from the classes. Well, you know how it is, not everyone knows about that. It's just that you happen to be in that particular class, that's it.

    All I can say is I'm glad my kids are older now

  3. How adorable is your son!!!
    I wanna take a class for SLR cam too but I havent find any time just yet. I hope you learn lotsof tricks to share. hehehhe
    Thanks for following me and I noticed you mentioned Fresno, is Fresno CA?

  4. what a cute family you have there.