Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Over the weekend and Volleyball

Pictures from Wedding...this was only the Hmong ghetto style wedding. lol... American wedding on the 20th of this month.
Precious Leena

Hmong Tying ceremony

Sister, mom, and me

Bride's parents

Hubby and I with the bride and groom

My sister in law and family decided to have a bbq over the weekend at Lake Lanier.
Nephew Ayden...He is so cute!

The boys with their cousins

Mommy, Daddy,and Leena...she's not happy because she is only used to being in the A.C.

View of Lake Lanier by the Dam


OMG..can't believe how out of shape I am and now I know. I haven't played ball for so long and yesterday, I went to play ball with some friends and boy...am I feeling it now. I played a couple of games a while back but compared to a whole series of games, my body is aching now. My body tells me that I need to get back in shape. After having this third baby of mine, I could tell my body is slowing going downhill. I have to get back in the routine of exercising again. I know I can get my size 6 body back. lol. It may take a while but I know I can do it...gotta keep motivating myself. If anyone have any tips, please feel free to let me know. Any help will be appreciated. lol. :)


  1. Shoot, at least you took pics and posted! Haha! I'll still have to try to convince hubby to letting me post pics of him and the kiddos.

    LOL @ ghetto Hmong wedding. I agree that Hmong weddings are not as nice as other ethnicities either. Urgh.

    About getting back in shape, you just gotta make yourself start. That's the hardest part. I know it cause I went through it, lol. But I've been exercising regularly again, yah! All I can say is slowly start, then build your way up.

  2. my daughter hates being in the hate also. she would scream when the room gets hot. lol idk why but babies tend to like the cold more than the hot. at lease my daughter does.
    anywho can't wait to see photos from the american wedding.

  3. i dont even have a baby yet and i'm already out of shape and unmotivated. my love for food always overpowers my motivation to workout! :( plus theres just not enough time in a day :(

  4. You, your mom and your sister looks so much alike! Beautiful! :)

  5. lol i hate Hmong weddings...they are ghetto. and then the non stop drinking they do.

    anywho, your kids look like they're having fun, except your little girl in that pic.