Friday, June 19, 2009


TGIF....This week has flown by for me. I felt like I still have tons to do and it's already weekend. I guess that is a good thing. Kind of weird how I had dinner last night w/my friend. We ate at this Chinese/Thai restaurant and my fortune read...Don't go through life too fast. Stop and enjoy it. Meaning I need to enjoy what I have around me. Life is short and I haven't been enjoying time w/my kids this week. I told them instead of playing volleyball, I would take them to the park and even take my daughter. She's 4 months today so I'm sure she wants to go out too and not stay at home w/my mom all the time even if it's a little hot. I just don't want her to end up being too picky and not go to anyone. That's what happened to my second son and it was so hard for me. He didn't even care to go to his dad and that was bad.

So, there's going to be a volleyball and flat football tournament tomorrow hosted by the CMA church. Hubby is going to be playing volleyball and I have the SLR class tomorrow so I'll probably stop by the tournament later that day. Don't want to go too early esp since it's going to be way hot! Good thing my brother lives near the church so I can always go to his house if I choose to. I just hope there won't be any ants. I hate ants!

Oh yeah...I finally bought my ticket to go to MN for July 4th. Actually my brother bought it for me. His job transferred him up there since they closed his facility down here so they gave him 10 free airline tickets to go back and forth to GA or have family members visit him from GA to MN so lucky for my kids, mom, brother and his family...we all are going up there for free. Actually my dad didn't want to go so I got his ticket because I wasn't planning on going because I didn't want to have to spend my own money on the plane ticket. Hubby isn't going because he couldn't get that Monday off after J4. Oh well..his loss. hehehe...I will miss him esp because I will have to travel alone w/my baby girl but hopefully she won't be too bad. I was thinking of leaving her so hubby can take care of her but I know my brother and my sister in law wants to see her. It's going to be a family reunion up there for sure because my other sister and her family are going as well as my sister from CA too. They want to attend the annual J4 tournament in MN but I could care less. If I go, I'll probably just go for a few hours. So if you're Hmong...who's all going? Maybe I'll see you up there. :)


  1. Hope you have fun at J4th! :D

    We won't be going to Disney as time doesn't permit since we're attending my bro's wedding in Tampa but we'll be making a stop in Orlando to do some shopping! :) Any suggestions on what to do in Tampa?