Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Formal Intro

I decided to do Ketmany's first giveaway contest... it's always nice to get to know your bloggers more. I'm fairly new to blogging so this is a great way to let people know who I really am as I'm still finding out myself. hehehe...

My name is Lily Bou - Lil or Lily...real name is May Fua Chua...I know it's long but what do you expect, I'm Asian - Hmong to be exact. :) I was born on the airplane(thanks to great Uncle General Vang Pao) coming from Laos to Thailand(during the Vietnam war) so I never stepped foot in Laos(YES, I really was born on an airplane); although, all my paperwork says I was born in Laos...birth certificates do not exist from where I came from. lol... I was named May Fua Chua because Fua means cloud and Chua means wind so that's how my name came to about...the May part...it's mostly common to name the daughters that. Otherwise, I think my name is pretty unique; although, I do hate it at times because it's so long. btw - If you don't know what Hmong is...my good friend Nicki blogs on it. Please take a look if you have more time. I changed my name to Lily when I became an American citizen...chose Lily because Lily is the flower in the month of May so I thought I picked it to make it more meaningful. :) I have two birthdays...reason why is because for some reason my dad put that I was born on April 13th when in fact, my real birthday is May 13th. I celebrate using my real birthday; however, at work, I celebrate it in April. Does anyone have more than one birthdays? lol...
Lutheran Church of Ascension sponsored us here to U.S.A., lived in Roswell for the first 4 years and then moved to Decatur, GA where I grew up. I was real shy when I was little and these girls used to pinch me in kindergarten and now, she is one of my best friends. lol...dumb me! Can't believe I allowed that crap. No wonder I put my son in karate so he can defend himself. hahaha...against any bullies. :P After I got married and finished college, hubby and I did move to Boston, MA for a year but missed family and friends too much so we came back. I'm such a mama's girl. hehehe...can't live w/out her!

I've been married for 11 yrs this August...can't believe I've been married this long. We had our rough times but we made it this far and def. have more of an understanding between each other. Like they said, live and learn. :) We have two boys - Christien and Connor. God blessed us with one little girl this year...Caitaleena. For some reason, we kind of got stuck w/the C's so that was the only name we finally agreed on after months of debating...good thing it took me over 9 months to have her. lol.... Got the IUD done so no more kids. YAY! Family is complete. :)

After my long months of maternity leave, I got more into youtube...I was youtubing over everything. From makeup, hair, to my new camera...Nikon D90. I learned so much and my interest into those three evolved and I'm experimenting and loving it. I'm usually a plain jane when it comes to makeup and hair just because I never was introduced to it or had friends that were all into these things besides being a camera whore. I learned that makeup is all about the product whether it being pigmented or not and the brushes! Can't leave that out. But I'm finally able to do the smokey look, not that I'm good at it but I'm happy that I can do alot more than before. Still embarass to show the pictures because I still suck at it. hehehe.... But when I get better, I will definitely show it to everyone. Also, thanks to my good friend Nicki (link above) to introducing me to blogging; otherwise, I wouldn't have never been in touch with you all. Any more info, please comment me. :)
Two of my brothers and sisters - missing the oldest brother and sister. I'm the youngest one...holding the pink teddy bear..yes, pink is still my favorite color! Pic is torn because my ex-sil had this pic and she tore it when she was mad at my brother...dunno why she did it but I so do need to restore this pic.

I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the youngest one....the picture below was taken in Helen, GA during summer of 2007. All of my sibling's kids and us along with the parents minus one sister and her family. Huge family huh? And our family has extended with even more kids now.

H.S. Graduation with my friends. I'm such a dork...waving! lol....

Wedding day in '98.

My best friend Nhia and her husband along with me and my hubby. Cruise to the Bahamas years ago.

Hubby and I when we first started dating. Of course, who didn't take any of this studio pics. lol. Gosh, I look so young and look how thick my eyebrows are. hahaha...

Our most recent family pic

Me and my mini me ;) - I always wanted to say that

Friday, June 19, 2009

Morph Baby

I wanted to see how they view how my baby look...reminds me of my brother. lol...

check it out!

Morph Baby

Brother Sam


TGIF....This week has flown by for me. I felt like I still have tons to do and it's already weekend. I guess that is a good thing. Kind of weird how I had dinner last night w/my friend. We ate at this Chinese/Thai restaurant and my fortune read...Don't go through life too fast. Stop and enjoy it. Meaning I need to enjoy what I have around me. Life is short and I haven't been enjoying time w/my kids this week. I told them instead of playing volleyball, I would take them to the park and even take my daughter. She's 4 months today so I'm sure she wants to go out too and not stay at home w/my mom all the time even if it's a little hot. I just don't want her to end up being too picky and not go to anyone. That's what happened to my second son and it was so hard for me. He didn't even care to go to his dad and that was bad.

So, there's going to be a volleyball and flat football tournament tomorrow hosted by the CMA church. Hubby is going to be playing volleyball and I have the SLR class tomorrow so I'll probably stop by the tournament later that day. Don't want to go too early esp since it's going to be way hot! Good thing my brother lives near the church so I can always go to his house if I choose to. I just hope there won't be any ants. I hate ants!

Oh yeah...I finally bought my ticket to go to MN for July 4th. Actually my brother bought it for me. His job transferred him up there since they closed his facility down here so they gave him 10 free airline tickets to go back and forth to GA or have family members visit him from GA to MN so lucky for my kids, mom, brother and his family...we all are going up there for free. Actually my dad didn't want to go so I got his ticket because I wasn't planning on going because I didn't want to have to spend my own money on the plane ticket. Hubby isn't going because he couldn't get that Monday off after J4. Oh well..his loss. hehehe...I will miss him esp because I will have to travel alone w/my baby girl but hopefully she won't be too bad. I was thinking of leaving her so hubby can take care of her but I know my brother and my sister in law wants to see her. It's going to be a family reunion up there for sure because my other sister and her family are going as well as my sister from CA too. They want to attend the annual J4 tournament in MN but I could care less. If I go, I'll probably just go for a few hours. So if you're Hmong...who's all going? Maybe I'll see you up there. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Late Birthday Dinner

Going to a late, late birthday dinner. We all are so busy with our lives but one of my close friends is taking me out for my birthday even though my birthday was May 13th but hey! It's better now than never. :) I actually have two birthday...my real birthday on May 13th or my legal birthday (April 13th). I celebrate my real birthday w/friends and family; however, I celebrate my fake birthday at work or if I even celebrate it now. I work in a data center that consists of me, my boss, and a network engineer. Our home office is in Greensboro so that is why there is only 3 of us here. I sometimes miss seeing other people but I also like my own space. Overall, I'm content.

Since I've been in meetings all week, I've been playing volleyball when I get home. I'm trying to get back in the groove of playing again. I probably won't be playing in tournaments but I really want to get back in shape and at the same time, I realize, I miss playing. Trust me, I'm not even half as good as I used to be due to being overweight and just not playing much. My goal is to lose 30 lbs by December...wish me luck!


Sorry folks but I've been in meetings this whole week so I couldn't update. I could have been but didn't want to be typing too much because I didn't want all the attention to be on me. lol... Glad it's over with so I can get back to actually working. :) But I did enjoy the mingling part and of course the free food. Who doesn't love the free part? hehehe. One of my co-workers couldn't make it but oh well...maybe next time, I'll get to see him. :P Anyways, hubby and I did go to play poker at my sil's place this weekend. I couldn't even play because we took my baby too since I didn't want to let my mom babysit because she already babysits for me throughout the week so I felt bad but I don't think I will be going anymore since I have no babysitter. I don't want to lug my baby around esp since all my baby does is sleep and their house is too loud since they have other kids so she won't get any sleep. Can't believe she will be 4 months tomorrow...and I will be giving her baby food. She's drooling already. lol.

One of my childhood friends will be visiting this weekend. Maybe on Sunday I will visit her...can't believe she has 5 kids. I couldn't do it. My 3 kids are already hard esp now. Between activities w/the kids and work, I can't even find time for myself.

Oh yeah..funny thing was, I was reading this one girl's bulletin on Myspace and came across Bumpits. OMG...I'm so late. Where have I been? I'm telling you I'm so lost. hahaha but hey, better now than never right? hahaha...anyways, I thought it was pretty cool. Have anyone used it? My hair is so flat and def. needs volume...thinking about getting it. I'll def post up pics if I ever do get it.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Christien and Connor...just learned how to merge my two boys pics together in photoshop. I know I'm so lame. lol....

Phanny w/Connor

Jenn w/Connor...yes, he was the baby then

Tomorrow night my ex-sis in law is hosting a poker party. I haven't played in so long. I remember when everyone (family wise) from my husband's side has gotten along and we used to play for fun all the time. Since then, I lost two sil's and gained 2 new ones. I really miss one of them alot. We were pretty close but since then, I still talk to her but we're not as close due to us just not seeing each other every weekend and so but we're still great friends when we do see each other. I learned how to keep my distances w/my in laws. I just find it nicer that way...less drama. I am a very talkative person and like to express my views. I can't help it at times when I see something and just do the usual "casual" conversation and think nothing of it but to "certain people", he/she take it out of proportions...like they analyze everything you say and use it against you. Don't get me wrong, I love my inlaws but I find it better, when you see each other less, the love is stronger. lol... But I do miss those poker days, when we all played but I enjoyed playing at the bars better due to more competition. Of course, can't nowadays, since I have my little princess and have to tend to her unless my mommy watches...yes, I'm a spoiled one. I'm the youngest of 7...Can you believe that? Who has that many nowadays? Actually, I do know of some but I rather not name them. lol... It's not me...that's all that matters. hahaha. Anyways, yes, my parents live w/me. It's great that I have a live in babysitter and that even though, I'm a girl, my parents are still willing to live w/me. You see in the Hmong culture, parents prefer to live w/their sons but with mine, they do mind but they love me so much that they are willing to overlook that and are willing to help me out since daycare expenses are so High. I can't believe how people can spend $800 - $1000 for daycare. Thank goodness, I have my parents. They do everything for me...cook, clean, and take care of my kids and I'm so ungrateful at times. Shame on me but I can't help it! Yes, I can but I'm trying really hard to not let her do so much. Anways, I'm going to post pics of my ex sils...they are so sweet!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ever since I came back on maternity leave, I've been so out of it. I just can't seem to concentrate and get things done. I've been lagging on doing projects but I so need to get with the program. Help me.... Hopefully I will get back into it because I know I will be busy soon and get behind if I don't now. I also am planning on taking some classes so I can get up to par. Programming was never my favorite subject in school. I always did what I could to just "pass" and always took the "INTRO" classes and took the easy way out. Too much playtime and not enough studying. hehehe...but w/kids, I need more $$$$ therefore, I will make myself get with the program and do something. Anyways, was going to make a longer entry buy gotta go pick something up downstairs so I'll blog longer next time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Over the weekend and Volleyball

Pictures from Wedding...this was only the Hmong ghetto style wedding. lol... American wedding on the 20th of this month.
Precious Leena

Hmong Tying ceremony

Sister, mom, and me

Bride's parents

Hubby and I with the bride and groom

My sister in law and family decided to have a bbq over the weekend at Lake Lanier.
Nephew Ayden...He is so cute!

The boys with their cousins

Mommy, Daddy,and Leena...she's not happy because she is only used to being in the A.C.

View of Lake Lanier by the Dam


OMG..can't believe how out of shape I am and now I know. I haven't played ball for so long and yesterday, I went to play ball with some friends and boy...am I feeling it now. I played a couple of games a while back but compared to a whole series of games, my body is aching now. My body tells me that I need to get back in shape. After having this third baby of mine, I could tell my body is slowing going downhill. I have to get back in the routine of exercising again. I know I can get my size 6 body back. lol. It may take a while but I know I can do it...gotta keep motivating myself. If anyone have any tips, please feel free to let me know. Any help will be appreciated. lol. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hubby and I


Hubby and I at the altar


Hubby carrying me to the car

I am so sick of doctor and dentist appointments. I'm glad mine is all done with. Just got a filling on my wisdom tooth...people said I should have just pulled it but heard it hurts too much and plus it doesn't bother me so I just filled it and now I'm numb. Hate the feeling but hopefully it's my last. I've been told that some teeth are just more prone to cavities than others and I have to agree with that because I know I kept up with my teeth pretty well and still cavities while others don't and they don't ever have a cavity. Hopefully, my kids doesn't get that great gene of mine. lol. Also, got the IUD done so went for a follow up last week and everything looks great so yep...no more babies for me. I didn't want to tie my tubes..just so definite and too chicken to do a procedure like that on me. So no more appointments for me and just for my kids...as long as it's not for me, I'm straight. haha...so mean of me. lol.

Got a birthday party to go to this weekend as well as a so called wedding and some sort of eating...not sure for what but seems to be a very busy weekend. I promise to post up pic of the events. Hopefully Caitaleena will feel up to it since I am sure it will be hot in this great GA weather.

My 9 yr old niece have been staying with us this whole week and has been so great with the boys - keeping them busy...hehehe. The boys have not been running to me saying, he hit me or play with me so I've been able to do alot of scrapbooking. I'm more than halfway done with Christien's baby book. He's 7 yrs old now and I'm just starting on his. Why I got into scrapbooking? Because I have so many pictures and I need to get rid of it. Therefore, I decided to do it and get it over with. Trust me, it is not cheap either but I am glad to say since I got my new camera, there is no need to go to Picture People anymore because I am the professional photographer now. LOL..yeah right...but hey, saves me money so I will be one for the time being and I'm sure you all will give me great advices. I'm glad to have already 14 followers. As always, I will post random pics since I have no recent pic I've taken. These are some of my wedding photos.
btw - just entered Miss Chrystina's blog. Check her out for her free giveaway.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free blog give away

Click -http://xmayaarix.blogspot.com/2009/05/blog-sale-giveaway.html#linksfor the free give aways...thanks to Nicki for letting me know of this and of course Pang - http://xo0olalax.blogspot.com/2009/06/giveaways.html for her entry. Of course, I followed all of them but didn't really joined all the free give aways. I a little too busy but just wanted all of my followers to know.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Stuff

Connor during Xmas Dec. 05

When we were still dating...don't know the date

Fresno Hmong New Year - 2007-08

It's only been two weeks into blogging and I've already been slacking. I will try my hardest not to since I know I have some hard core fans out there...kidding. :P Anyways, this weekend was pretty busy for me. I attending my first SLR class at Wolf Camera. It wasn't the class that I wanted but basically just showed the Memory Cards - how they record, how much storage, and how to handle them and the basic functions of the camera which I already knew. I wanted to take the other class that actually takes you into using the camera but that's not until 2 more weeks. I'll wait to take that and see if I need any additional classes. I really want to take the Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 but I'm doing free tutorials which is pretty cool because I actually learned how to merge two photos together and I know nothing about it before so I'm happy using all these free stuff. Can't beat that considering I've spent almost 2K on all this stuff. :( but I'm loving my camera so it's all worth it. :)

Besides that, I went to a friend's kids' birthday party. Notice I said KIDS... I hate it when parents throw in two birthday parties at once. I believe every kid deserve their own parties. hehehe...just my own personal opinion. I really wanted to bring my SLR camera but I didn't want others to think I was crazy taking all these pictures and I loaned my point and shoot camera out to my sister in law since she was visiting family and NO, I would never loan my new SLR camera out to anyone. SORRY so please Don't Ask! :) So, that's why I have no pictures of my adventurous weekend. And trust me, I so wanted to take pictures.

Oh yeah, I made two of those so called story book from Wolf Camera on Sunday since I had these coupons of 2 free books so I decided to make it for Connor and Caitaleena and omg...in Caitaleena's book, I inserted a pic of her naked on there by accident. It was her bath picture and I can't believe I didn't see it even though, YES, I was rushing to get it done by the time they close. I have to put a sticker over it. And I felt so bad when Christien asked me where his book is? I said, oh honey...I'm still making it for you. hehehe...fast thinking mommy... So of course, he's happy. I finally started on his scrapbook and I'll have to post a couple of the layouts on here...not as creative as others but hoping to get there.
Overall, I had a so called productive weekend...finally. I must have gotten the motivation from my previous post regarding A.D.D...hehehe.

And YES, I'm very mad at my hubby...cause he thinks he's single. I can't stand that because I didn't have my kids by myself. Ok...I feel better now.

Of course, I will end this post with pictures again. I have plenty so..enjoy!