Friday, May 29, 2009

Adult A.D.D.

When I forced my boy to try modeling. hehehe...
Random pic of me in Panama City...years ago. And I thought I was fat at that time...wish I was even close to that now.

Hubby and I on a cruise...on Cocay Bahamas.

Cambodian New Year

Hubby thinks he has muscles.

I swear after I gave birth to my daughter in February, I seem to have Adult A.D.D. I can't seem to accomplish anything. I think I develop too many hobbies all at once. I've taken on trying to learn how to work my DSR camera, scrapbooking, and watching Youtubes video to learn more on these things as well as watching makeup/hair tutorials which I learned so much so that got me more into makeup. What is wrong with me? Yesterday, I purchased my very first Cricut bug. I was thinking if I should get that or the Cricut expression which was alot more but didn't want to invest so much in case I was too lazy or didn't want to do it anymore so I got a great deal on Craigslist. No wonder, I'm so broke. :( I've been purchasing things left and right and that's not good since the economy is so bad. At least blogging is free. Thank goodness and it gives me a chance to know more people as well as learn new tips on things for free. At least that part is nice. :P

Anyways, I have been buying several makeup items which I won't post about until I learn more about applying. I'm so bad. I always used light makeup so I don't know how to put on fake eye lashes or do the blending look on eyeshadows or any of that nature but maybe when I'm decent I'll post some up. hehehe...don't want to embarass myself. I haven't really taken much pictures since I do most of my picture taken during the weekends so I posted up old pics so you all won't be so bored.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Au naturel is the way!

    There is definitely so many things to learn and not enough time!

  2. I think I have Adult A.D.D. too.

    I'm definitely taking lots of pics this weekend and will post. :)

    What are your plans? I'll call you later

  3. lol you are so silly! if that was the case of adult A.D.D i think i might have it also.

  4. haha, I'm with everyone else, I must also have Adult ADD