Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Formal Intro

I decided to do Ketmany's first giveaway contest... it's always nice to get to know your bloggers more. I'm fairly new to blogging so this is a great way to let people know who I really am as I'm still finding out myself. hehehe...

My name is Lily Bou - Lil or Lily...real name is May Fua Chua...I know it's long but what do you expect, I'm Asian - Hmong to be exact. :) I was born on the airplane(thanks to great Uncle General Vang Pao) coming from Laos to Thailand(during the Vietnam war) so I never stepped foot in Laos(YES, I really was born on an airplane); although, all my paperwork says I was born in Laos...birth certificates do not exist from where I came from. lol... I was named May Fua Chua because Fua means cloud and Chua means wind so that's how my name came to about...the May part...it's mostly common to name the daughters that. Otherwise, I think my name is pretty unique; although, I do hate it at times because it's so long. btw - If you don't know what Hmong is...my good friend Nicki blogs on it. Please take a look if you have more time. I changed my name to Lily when I became an American citizen...chose Lily because Lily is the flower in the month of May so I thought I picked it to make it more meaningful. :) I have two birthdays...reason why is because for some reason my dad put that I was born on April 13th when in fact, my real birthday is May 13th. I celebrate using my real birthday; however, at work, I celebrate it in April. Does anyone have more than one birthdays? lol...
Lutheran Church of Ascension sponsored us here to U.S.A., lived in Roswell for the first 4 years and then moved to Decatur, GA where I grew up. I was real shy when I was little and these girls used to pinch me in kindergarten and now, she is one of my best friends. lol...dumb me! Can't believe I allowed that crap. No wonder I put my son in karate so he can defend himself. hahaha...against any bullies. :P After I got married and finished college, hubby and I did move to Boston, MA for a year but missed family and friends too much so we came back. I'm such a mama's girl. hehehe...can't live w/out her!

I've been married for 11 yrs this August...can't believe I've been married this long. We had our rough times but we made it this far and def. have more of an understanding between each other. Like they said, live and learn. :) We have two boys - Christien and Connor. God blessed us with one little girl this year...Caitaleena. For some reason, we kind of got stuck w/the C's so that was the only name we finally agreed on after months of debating...good thing it took me over 9 months to have her. lol.... Got the IUD done so no more kids. YAY! Family is complete. :)

After my long months of maternity leave, I got more into youtube...I was youtubing over everything. From makeup, hair, to my new camera...Nikon D90. I learned so much and my interest into those three evolved and I'm experimenting and loving it. I'm usually a plain jane when it comes to makeup and hair just because I never was introduced to it or had friends that were all into these things besides being a camera whore. I learned that makeup is all about the product whether it being pigmented or not and the brushes! Can't leave that out. But I'm finally able to do the smokey look, not that I'm good at it but I'm happy that I can do alot more than before. Still embarass to show the pictures because I still suck at it. hehehe.... But when I get better, I will definitely show it to everyone. Also, thanks to my good friend Nicki (link above) to introducing me to blogging; otherwise, I wouldn't have never been in touch with you all. Any more info, please comment me. :)
Two of my brothers and sisters - missing the oldest brother and sister. I'm the youngest one...holding the pink teddy bear..yes, pink is still my favorite color! Pic is torn because my ex-sil had this pic and she tore it when she was mad at my brother...dunno why she did it but I so do need to restore this pic.

I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the youngest one....the picture below was taken in Helen, GA during summer of 2007. All of my sibling's kids and us along with the parents minus one sister and her family. Huge family huh? And our family has extended with even more kids now.

H.S. Graduation with my friends. I'm such a dork...waving! lol....

Wedding day in '98.

My best friend Nhia and her husband along with me and my hubby. Cruise to the Bahamas years ago.

Hubby and I when we first started dating. Of course, who didn't take any of this studio pics. lol. Gosh, I look so young and look how thick my eyebrows are. hahaha...

Our most recent family pic

Me and my mini me ;) - I always wanted to say that


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