Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sorry folks but I've been in meetings this whole week so I couldn't update. I could have been but didn't want to be typing too much because I didn't want all the attention to be on me. lol... Glad it's over with so I can get back to actually working. :) But I did enjoy the mingling part and of course the free food. Who doesn't love the free part? hehehe. One of my co-workers couldn't make it but oh well...maybe next time, I'll get to see him. :P Anyways, hubby and I did go to play poker at my sil's place this weekend. I couldn't even play because we took my baby too since I didn't want to let my mom babysit because she already babysits for me throughout the week so I felt bad but I don't think I will be going anymore since I have no babysitter. I don't want to lug my baby around esp since all my baby does is sleep and their house is too loud since they have other kids so she won't get any sleep. Can't believe she will be 4 months tomorrow...and I will be giving her baby food. She's drooling already. lol.

One of my childhood friends will be visiting this weekend. Maybe on Sunday I will visit her...can't believe she has 5 kids. I couldn't do it. My 3 kids are already hard esp now. Between activities w/the kids and work, I can't even find time for myself.

Oh yeah..funny thing was, I was reading this one girl's bulletin on Myspace and came across Bumpits. OMG...I'm so late. Where have I been? I'm telling you I'm so lost. hahaha but hey, better now than never right? hahaha...anyways, I thought it was pretty cool. Have anyone used it? My hair is so flat and def. needs volume...thinking about getting it. I'll def post up pics if I ever do get it.