Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hubby and I


Hubby and I at the altar


Hubby carrying me to the car

I am so sick of doctor and dentist appointments. I'm glad mine is all done with. Just got a filling on my wisdom tooth...people said I should have just pulled it but heard it hurts too much and plus it doesn't bother me so I just filled it and now I'm numb. Hate the feeling but hopefully it's my last. I've been told that some teeth are just more prone to cavities than others and I have to agree with that because I know I kept up with my teeth pretty well and still cavities while others don't and they don't ever have a cavity. Hopefully, my kids doesn't get that great gene of mine. lol. Also, got the IUD done so went for a follow up last week and everything looks great so more babies for me. I didn't want to tie my tubes..just so definite and too chicken to do a procedure like that on me. So no more appointments for me and just for my long as it's not for me, I'm straight. mean of me. lol.

Got a birthday party to go to this weekend as well as a so called wedding and some sort of eating...not sure for what but seems to be a very busy weekend. I promise to post up pic of the events. Hopefully Caitaleena will feel up to it since I am sure it will be hot in this great GA weather.

My 9 yr old niece have been staying with us this whole week and has been so great with the boys - keeping them busy...hehehe. The boys have not been running to me saying, he hit me or play with me so I've been able to do alot of scrapbooking. I'm more than halfway done with Christien's baby book. He's 7 yrs old now and I'm just starting on his. Why I got into scrapbooking? Because I have so many pictures and I need to get rid of it. Therefore, I decided to do it and get it over with. Trust me, it is not cheap either but I am glad to say since I got my new camera, there is no need to go to Picture People anymore because I am the professional photographer now. LOL..yeah right...but hey, saves me money so I will be one for the time being and I'm sure you all will give me great advices. I'm glad to have already 14 followers. As always, I will post random pics since I have no recent pic I've taken. These are some of my wedding photos.
btw - just entered Miss Chrystina's blog. Check her out for her free giveaway.


  1. the church you got married in looks beautiful!! where was it?

    i got 4 wisdom teeth removed 3 years was crazy. i was supposed to be asleep through the process but i decided not to go for it when i found out it would cost me $400 to be asleep for 15 mnutes!!!! anyway, i stayed awake through the drilling, the crushing, the pulling....=S

  2. Hi sweetie~
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. =)
    Lovely wedding photos. =)
    You have such adorable kids and family. I just noticed from your profile that all your children's name starts with a "C". That's cute.

  3. Hi, hun! Thanks for stopping by. You guys look so happy. Wonderful wedding!

  4. Dang, you posting some old school pics for reals!!!

    Remember I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out when I was 16???? It was in my gums but my mom made me do it, hahaha. Still remember we all went to Stone Mountain at that time too. Oh yeah, I don't remember what happened. Just have pics to remember.

    Didn't know S Bou was at your place all week!! Could Yani spend the night? LOL

  5. aww.. Nice wedding pictures!! You guys still look the same!! Seriously, yall haven't aged at all!!

  6. Hi Lily,

    I'm delighted that you've decided to follow my blog. Thanks so much. I hope you find inspiring ideas that will help you with your scrapbooking endeavors. Your wedding photos are beautiful and are going to look great in your album. :)

    Happy scrapping!

  7. awww lovely photos! That looks like an awesome wedding cake!

  8. HAHA..yeah i need to update. i just dont think about it sometimes. i dont even know how to use this yet..still trying to get use to it!

    got my wisdom teeth taken out about 8 years ago? had a "dry socket"...OUCH! hope you dont get that! my face swelled up for a whole week.

    nice oldie pixes! its good to reminense! i wasnt invitied to the wedding!!!

  9. all 7 of you guys graduated from high school and 3 got associates and 2 got BA, that is great! in your Dad's face! haha. my dad has two wives. i'm the second wife's oldest daughter. my dad has 12 kids total. 8 from first mom and 4 from my mom. out of the 7 kids that are 18+ years old, 5 graduated high school and in that 5 who graduated i'm the only one in college. and they shit talk shit. talking about how i can't do it because this person and that person couldn't do it. it's sad to say the only one with an college education in my family is my dad he has his Associates. i think that is a shame. actually i got married right before my senior year ended. it was just a spontaneous think that happened, but i don't regret it for one day. i have an amazing life with my husband.

  10. great blog here. Those wedding photos are to cherish for life.

    have a great day!

  11. Awww how wonderful it is celebrate two joined hearts, your exceptionally a beautiful bride & I love the photo where your husband is carrying you to the car, super sweet and traditional!
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  12. Nice wedding pictures! How long have you been married?