Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ever since I came back on maternity leave, I've been so out of it. I just can't seem to concentrate and get things done. I've been lagging on doing projects but I so need to get with the program. Help me.... Hopefully I will get back into it because I know I will be busy soon and get behind if I don't now. I also am planning on taking some classes so I can get up to par. Programming was never my favorite subject in school. I always did what I could to just "pass" and always took the "INTRO" classes and took the easy way out. Too much playtime and not enough studying. hehehe...but w/kids, I need more $$$$ therefore, I will make myself get with the program and do something. Anyways, was going to make a longer entry buy gotta go pick something up downstairs so I'll blog longer next time.