Friday, June 12, 2009


Christien and Connor...just learned how to merge my two boys pics together in photoshop. I know I'm so lame. lol....

Phanny w/Connor

Jenn w/Connor...yes, he was the baby then

Tomorrow night my ex-sis in law is hosting a poker party. I haven't played in so long. I remember when everyone (family wise) from my husband's side has gotten along and we used to play for fun all the time. Since then, I lost two sil's and gained 2 new ones. I really miss one of them alot. We were pretty close but since then, I still talk to her but we're not as close due to us just not seeing each other every weekend and so but we're still great friends when we do see each other. I learned how to keep my distances w/my in laws. I just find it nicer that way...less drama. I am a very talkative person and like to express my views. I can't help it at times when I see something and just do the usual "casual" conversation and think nothing of it but to "certain people", he/she take it out of they analyze everything you say and use it against you. Don't get me wrong, I love my inlaws but I find it better, when you see each other less, the love is stronger. lol... But I do miss those poker days, when we all played but I enjoyed playing at the bars better due to more competition. Of course, can't nowadays, since I have my little princess and have to tend to her unless my mommy watches...yes, I'm a spoiled one. I'm the youngest of 7...Can you believe that? Who has that many nowadays? Actually, I do know of some but I rather not name them. lol... It's not me...that's all that matters. hahaha. Anyways, yes, my parents live w/me. It's great that I have a live in babysitter and that even though, I'm a girl, my parents are still willing to live w/me. You see in the Hmong culture, parents prefer to live w/their sons but with mine, they do mind but they love me so much that they are willing to overlook that and are willing to help me out since daycare expenses are so High. I can't believe how people can spend $800 - $1000 for daycare. Thank goodness, I have my parents. They do everything for me...cook, clean, and take care of my kids and I'm so ungrateful at times. Shame on me but I can't help it! Yes, I can but I'm trying really hard to not let her do so much. Anways, I'm going to post pics of my ex sils...they are so sweet!


  1. cuteeeee! and very sweet of your parents to overlook cultural 'rules' and help you out! you're right, daycare is so expensive. i mean i dont have kids but i ALWAYS hear of people in my office complain of costs! =S

  2. ooh poker party, with real money? ;) That's always more intense! Great job with the photoshop, I think it's wonderful and I love how they're wearing matching outfits!

  3. aww cute photos. If i had the option to leave my child at a daycare excluding the fees i dont think i would be able to let a stranger "take care" of her, i heard too many stories. =/ anywho maichong and i went to the same high school. i don't really know her but she lives (with her husband) down the street from my parent's house. lol

  4. Oh my god cutie! It must be awesome to have kids. :)

    Anyway, yep I'm from Manila. And I agree that people here are nice, not just because I'm a Manilenya myself. :)

  5. Throwback pics. Great! Hope you had fun playing poker