Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Funniest Thing

Wow...I'm on the row with blogging...hehehe. Blogging again. Anyhow, on Sunday, Christien who is my oldest son and I were playing UNO while the hubby was cooking. He's a better cook than I. Anyways, the doorbell rings and Christien runs to get it because everytime the doorbell rings, he thinks he is famous and it's always for him which is almost true. lol. It's the neighbor girl that kissed him a week before school started...apparently she broke up with him...seduces my son and now wants to break up with him? What is up with that? I swear these kids are hilarious. I didn't realized they were even "dating". lol... I asked if he was "heartbroken." He said, "yes" and I start to laugh. I told him that I still love him so it's ok. Life goes on!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Halloween rained but it wasn't too bad to where the kids couldn't go trick or treating. Went to my brother's friend's house and had a little get together for the kids since it was going to rain and if weather permits, they can go trick or treating. Weather was def. nice that day 'til around 6:30pm...started to drizzle some, on and off. Took the kids trick or treating in the friend's neighborhood. It was more towards the countryside so the land between the neighbors were def. larger so it was further to walk. Connor walked only 2 streets and then went back to the house to stay with his dad and baby sister. Christien on the other hand, went the whole neighborhood. He was the only energize child that lasted out of the whole group. Every child was so exhausted except mine like usual. Now you know why I'm always so exhausted. Having two boys and a baby gets tiring.

3 pumpkins in front of our house

I left these candies for my mom to pass out since we weren't home

3 first cousins....Snake Eyes, Jango Fett, and Jasmine

Anabel, my niece



Group pic before everyone arrived...weather was still so nice

Kitty cat w/her auntie bunny

Kitty cat w/her whiskers but she kept crying/rubbing it off :(

Group pic

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween for all the kids that are going trick or treating. It's suppose to rain here in GA but you never know....so we are going to my brother's house and then go to a Halloween party and then if the weather permits, going trick or treating. Although, we will be bring candy just in case the kids can't go trick or treating. Christien will be Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, Connor will be Jango Fett, and Leena will be Kitty Cat...pictures will be posted after Halloween. Kids are so excited! Too bad it's not warm like last year.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Payless ShoeSource

Hey folks...you guys must be thinking...wow, 2 posts in one day. A miracle....surprise it's not raining or rather yet, snowing here in Ga since I'm posting again. lol... But I had to since I didn't want you all to miss out on shopping at Payless ShoeSource. Last day is today unforunately but wanted to pass this website on to you all. http://www.oprah.com/article/oprahshow/20091016-tows-payless

Yes, it's at Payless ShoeSource. I plan on going after work today. Def. have to get my kids some shoes and of course, if I see any for myself, I might have to grab me one too. ;)

Have a great weekened!


My oldest son, Christien who is 7 years called 911 yesterday. After I got home, the kids were loud as usual and always fighting. My mom was telling me how someone called 911 and the police had called back to see if everything was ok. Both hubby and I knew exactly who called...when approached, he admitted to calling and saying that his little brother who is 4 hit him and it really hurt. He called 911...I was telling him that the police were coming to get him now and of course, that scared him. I had to tell him the difference between calling 911 for emergency and of course, just calling for nonsense stuff like them fighting. I'm hoping that didn't scare him for calling them in case of a real emergency.
Anyhow, yesterday was Christien's last day of baseball. Their team had a terrible season..didn't win not one single game. He had bad luck starting his first season of baseball but hopefully it won't discourage him from playing again.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Festival

My little princess is now 8 months!

Sorry haven't been posting lately but been very busy. Will def. try to post more but maybe some blogging and and just pics. lol.
Can't believe it's almost the end of the year already. I went to Connor's Pumpkin Festival at school today and there were some cute costumes there. I'll post pics when I download them. I hate that my boys are so into Star Wars. He was Captain Rex last year and now he's Boba Fett. Get a different type of costume...was trying bribe him to wear my oldest son's costumes but he refuses. I guess he has his own mind and doesn't want to be like him even though he tries in every other way but just wants his own costumes. lol... I guess that's good even though I'm flat broke but gotta spoil my kids regardless.

Over the weekend, we went to two different pumpkin patches. One was just a little festival but we got there a little late so all the good pumpkins were gone; however, the kids still had a blast because some of the events were still going on. The next day, we just went to get pumpkins for the kids. Enjoy the pics!

Friday, August 28, 2009


So proud of my oldest son! He made it into the FOCUS program...It's the gifted program at his elementary school. He took the test earlier this week to see if he could get in and the result was....he got in. Just received the notification so I'm happy. I feel that he's bored so he def. needs a challenge so the extra work will do him good. That reminds me of what one of my friends told me about her child. He's currently in 2 AP classes and wants to drop them because it's too much work and I didn't realize it but you have to go in front of the board and everything to see if they will approve you to drop it. Anyways, he wasn't allow to drop it because there wasn't a valid reason. He's just too lazy but the teachers said he was capable of handling the class so he was upset but like his momma said...he can do it! Now he has no choice. lol...kids...i swear. If they could get out of it, they would. Anyways, I never did tell my neighbor because like you all said...they are just kids but I will keep an eye on them. lol...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Should I tell or should I not?

Ok....This happened last week to my son and I have been debating whether to tell her mom or not. My son was playing around with one of his friends in the neighborhood that is a girl...not sure who was all there but he told me that she kissed him and then she made a remarked that said, "I always wanted to do that?" They are both 7 years old. I was shocked but didn't want to tell her mom because I know her mom will be upset with her. What do you guys think? Should I tell her? I didn't even know what to tell my son...it's way too early for him to even think about girls. All he should worry about is his video games. lol... But I def. don't want him to be a fast one either.

btw - I did get my list back. YAY...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I somehow lost all of the blogs I followed...sucks. Is anyone experiencing the same problems as me? I am not going to add anyone today for I am hoping that it is just a glitch in the system or what so ever. Off to work now... Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christien's first day of 2nd Grade

Christien's first day of 2nd Grade

Having fun at the bus stop

Christien and the boys

Group of kids waiting for the bus

Getting on the bus

My oldest is now in 2nd grade...can't believe that but happy that he's in school now so I can finally get some peace and quiet. All summer, the nagging, the fighting of the two boys and now school has started. Praise the Lord! lol.... Yesterday, he brought home his conduct folder w/an E...first day has started well. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

11th yr anniversary tomorrow

Quick post for I am leaving work soon...but tomorrow will be 11 years for my hubby and I. Can't believe how long it's been already for us and we are still together. lol...YES, it's been tough but we managed. Hopefully more...hehehe. I learned in life - You can only speak for yourself and control your actions so now, I am smarter in life. I am not as naive as I used to be. Sometimes though, I wish I was though. Anyhow, no plans since school starts for my oldest son. His first day is Monday and we were going to go out of town but can't but maybe we will just do dinner or so.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 27, 2009


I know it's been several weeks since I posted a new blog but I've been so busy with work and the kids. So much has happened as well but of course I can't blog about everything...it's confidential. JK...But Connor, my son has his birthday on July 11th so threw him a pool party when he got back from MN and of course, he was shy at first but then had a blast. His favorite part was opening the presents. Of course, his older brother loved it just as much because he knows that it's partial his too. :)
Transformer Cake

Connor with his cake

Connor...can't wait to open his presents

Christien and Connor w/presents (The WII fit is really for me) lol...
I also went to a party that my cousin's threw for their parents. They are somewhat related but anyhow, it was a party up in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Good food....but the best part was meeting my long lost friend, Susana. (picture below) Her and I go way back. She was actually a neighbor and can't believe how good she looks. I seriously need to lose weight...weight does alot to a person as well as hair. Did I mentioned I saw some guys I used to know and yes, They are bald and omg...looks totally different. Praying that my boys will have hair because being bald does run in my mom's family as well as my dad's but worst for my mom's. My 24 yr old nephew was bald already at age 21...cute but no hair... :( His dad has more hair than him...hehehe....

Susana and me
Two weeks ago, I took my oldest son, Christien to karate and when I got back, I found my little princess bald....apparently, the hubby shaved her hair and now she's bald. I swear it's a myth...but the hubby said he shaved her hair so that her hair can grow thicker. WTH!!! I was so upset because it was getting longer and I so wanted to put her hair in pig tails but oh well...gotta wait 'til she's one now. :( Oh well...but I know it's not going to get any thicker. It's totally an Asian Myth.

Friday, July 17, 2009

MN International Tournament 2009

Sorry folks for not updating. I know I’ve been slacking but I really have been super busy w/vacations and then with work. We just got one of our old clients back and swamp with work. That right there is taking so long. But with the way economy is, you never know when you are the one to be let go so for now, I’m just grateful that I have my job. Anyways, I promise that I would upload my pictures from Minnesota. I had a great time but too bad it was too short. I would definitely have to spend a week up there next time vs 4 days. My kids enjoyed their trip there. Of course, my brother spoiled them since he has no kids yet. The reason why I visited them during July 4th because every year up in MN, the Hmongs get together and celebrate one of the most well known International Sports Tournament . They also get a chance to catch up with family members, old friends as well as meeting new ones. You get to compete with some of the toughest Hmongs or Asians out there. Even other races are competing with the Hmongs or against them. When I was younger, I love competing in women’s volleyball; although, I never won. L However, I love the competition. The best women’s volleyball team currently is Impact. They are good. They won 3 years in a row. Of course, the number one player on that team is number 12. She can do it all. Check out http://www.hmongfestivals.com/ for more details of this event. Also, Mozemoua did a great job of blogging about this event. I would add more to it but I really don’t have the time at this moment.

At the Hmong Festival
General Vang Pao

Sister w/my mom...forgot to mention that I would have taken more but my sister stole my camera while I was on vacation claiming that it took better pictures than her camera so she had possession of my camera for most of my vacation. She's such a camera whore!
One of the vendors and I have tons of other pictures but will just post a few for now.

At the Ly Reunion...my sister from Clovis, CA, me, and my sister in law who just moved to MN.

3 sisters, Pachia, Sheng, and me...missing my oldest sister

Me and my FOB pose...lol. My sis did this pose so I had to do it as well.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm back in town; however, I have been so busy with work and at home. Niece is at home watching my baby Caitaleena since my mother is out of town with my boys and hogging the home pc so I haven't had a chance to make a post. I had a great trip; although, it was too short. I did miss the hubby but it was great to just get away and hang out with the family and friends. I will post with pictures of MN next week. Have a great Friday! and weekend. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Getting ready for my trip to MN....will post up pics when I get back of my trip. 'Til then, I hope everyone have a happy and safe July 4th!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Formal Intro

I decided to do Ketmany's first giveaway contest... it's always nice to get to know your bloggers more. I'm fairly new to blogging so this is a great way to let people know who I really am as I'm still finding out myself. hehehe...

My name is Lily Bou - Lil or Lily...real name is May Fua Chua...I know it's long but what do you expect, I'm Asian - Hmong to be exact. :) I was born on the airplane(thanks to great Uncle General Vang Pao) coming from Laos to Thailand(during the Vietnam war) so I never stepped foot in Laos(YES, I really was born on an airplane); although, all my paperwork says I was born in Laos...birth certificates do not exist from where I came from. lol... I was named May Fua Chua because Fua means cloud and Chua means wind so that's how my name came to about...the May part...it's mostly common to name the daughters that. Otherwise, I think my name is pretty unique; although, I do hate it at times because it's so long. btw - If you don't know what Hmong is...my good friend Nicki blogs on it. Please take a look if you have more time. I changed my name to Lily when I became an American citizen...chose Lily because Lily is the flower in the month of May so I thought I picked it to make it more meaningful. :) I have two birthdays...reason why is because for some reason my dad put that I was born on April 13th when in fact, my real birthday is May 13th. I celebrate using my real birthday; however, at work, I celebrate it in April. Does anyone have more than one birthdays? lol...
Lutheran Church of Ascension sponsored us here to U.S.A., lived in Roswell for the first 4 years and then moved to Decatur, GA where I grew up. I was real shy when I was little and these girls used to pinch me in kindergarten and now, she is one of my best friends. lol...dumb me! Can't believe I allowed that crap. No wonder I put my son in karate so he can defend himself. hahaha...against any bullies. :P After I got married and finished college, hubby and I did move to Boston, MA for a year but missed family and friends too much so we came back. I'm such a mama's girl. hehehe...can't live w/out her!

I've been married for 11 yrs this August...can't believe I've been married this long. We had our rough times but we made it this far and def. have more of an understanding between each other. Like they said, live and learn. :) We have two boys - Christien and Connor. God blessed us with one little girl this year...Caitaleena. For some reason, we kind of got stuck w/the C's so that was the only name we finally agreed on after months of debating...good thing it took me over 9 months to have her. lol.... Got the IUD done so no more kids. YAY! Family is complete. :)

After my long months of maternity leave, I got more into youtube...I was youtubing over everything. From makeup, hair, to my new camera...Nikon D90. I learned so much and my interest into those three evolved and I'm experimenting and loving it. I'm usually a plain jane when it comes to makeup and hair just because I never was introduced to it or had friends that were all into these things besides being a camera whore. I learned that makeup is all about the product whether it being pigmented or not and the brushes! Can't leave that out. But I'm finally able to do the smokey look, not that I'm good at it but I'm happy that I can do alot more than before. Still embarass to show the pictures because I still suck at it. hehehe.... But when I get better, I will definitely show it to everyone. Also, thanks to my good friend Nicki (link above) to introducing me to blogging; otherwise, I wouldn't have never been in touch with you all. Any more info, please comment me. :)
Two of my brothers and sisters - missing the oldest brother and sister. I'm the youngest one...holding the pink teddy bear..yes, pink is still my favorite color! Pic is torn because my ex-sil had this pic and she tore it when she was mad at my brother...dunno why she did it but I so do need to restore this pic.

I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the youngest one....the picture below was taken in Helen, GA during summer of 2007. All of my sibling's kids and us along with the parents minus one sister and her family. Huge family huh? And our family has extended with even more kids now.

H.S. Graduation with my friends. I'm such a dork...waving! lol....

Wedding day in '98.

My best friend Nhia and her husband along with me and my hubby. Cruise to the Bahamas years ago.

Hubby and I when we first started dating. Of course, who didn't take any of this studio pics. lol. Gosh, I look so young and look how thick my eyebrows are. hahaha...

Our most recent family pic

Me and my mini me ;) - I always wanted to say that