Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween for all the kids that are going trick or treating. It's suppose to rain here in GA but you never we are going to my brother's house and then go to a Halloween party and then if the weather permits, going trick or treating. Although, we will be bring candy just in case the kids can't go trick or treating. Christien will be Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, Connor will be Jango Fett, and Leena will be Kitty will be posted after Halloween. Kids are so excited! Too bad it's not warm like last year.


  1. have fun!! can't wait to see pix! : P

  2. booh, we don't celebrate halloween in the Netherlands! too bad... everyone's blogging about it and showing their fun costumes! Have fun!


  3. It rained on my side D: (for halloween)

    I'm giving you this award that's on my page xD please look at it! :P