Friday, July 17, 2009

MN International Tournament 2009

Sorry folks for not updating. I know I’ve been slacking but I really have been super busy w/vacations and then with work. We just got one of our old clients back and swamp with work. That right there is taking so long. But with the way economy is, you never know when you are the one to be let go so for now, I’m just grateful that I have my job. Anyways, I promise that I would upload my pictures from Minnesota. I had a great time but too bad it was too short. I would definitely have to spend a week up there next time vs 4 days. My kids enjoyed their trip there. Of course, my brother spoiled them since he has no kids yet. The reason why I visited them during July 4th because every year up in MN, the Hmongs get together and celebrate one of the most well known International Sports Tournament . They also get a chance to catch up with family members, old friends as well as meeting new ones. You get to compete with some of the toughest Hmongs or Asians out there. Even other races are competing with the Hmongs or against them. When I was younger, I love competing in women’s volleyball; although, I never won. L However, I love the competition. The best women’s volleyball team currently is Impact. They are good. They won 3 years in a row. Of course, the number one player on that team is number 12. She can do it all. Check out for more details of this event. Also, Mozemoua did a great job of blogging about this event. I would add more to it but I really don’t have the time at this moment.

At the Hmong Festival
General Vang Pao

Sister w/my mom...forgot to mention that I would have taken more but my sister stole my camera while I was on vacation claiming that it took better pictures than her camera so she had possession of my camera for most of my vacation. She's such a camera whore!
One of the vendors and I have tons of other pictures but will just post a few for now.

At the Ly sister from Clovis, CA, me, and my sister in law who just moved to MN.

3 sisters, Pachia, Sheng, and me...missing my oldest sister

Me and my FOB My sis did this pose so I had to do it as well.


  1. I want to see more pics!! Your sister still looks the same to me

  2. Hi Lily :) I hope your trip was nice. Looks like you did a lot of catching up with family time :) Great. I certainly don't like the hot weather here so I didn't get to see me some volleyball and like you, I love it. I wish I had a team :( would definetly love to start playing! I get so overwhelmed with the crowds during j4th wkend. I have nooo patience whatsoever for the lines, weather, and guests in and out. It's just too over whelming. Whew!

  3. ah i'm not a fan of tourney's.

    anywho yes i made a new one because for some reason my feed wasn't feeding. =/

    i cant wait to see your baby girl with pigtails as well. did you shave her head?

  4. Hello there! Thank you so much for following my blog!! :D Oo Nikon d90! I really want at least the d80... it's still so pricy tho xD