Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Funniest Thing

Wow...I'm on the row with blogging...hehehe. Blogging again. Anyhow, on Sunday, Christien who is my oldest son and I were playing UNO while the hubby was cooking. He's a better cook than I. Anyways, the doorbell rings and Christien runs to get it because everytime the doorbell rings, he thinks he is famous and it's always for him which is almost true. lol. It's the neighbor girl that kissed him a week before school started...apparently she broke up with him...seduces my son and now wants to break up with him? What is up with that? I swear these kids are hilarious. I didn't realized they were even "dating". lol... I asked if he was "heartbroken." He said, "yes" and I start to laugh. I told him that I still love him so it's ok. Life goes on!


  1. Hey lily.
    Yes, its hard and frustrating when they're sick but it also makes you realize how precious they are to you even tho you're dead tired.

    I'll def post up a few post of what i have plan for annabelle's bday. =)

  2. ahh, im scared. she is pretty fiesty when she wants something off. i dont think she will know what it is an will try to take it off. she tries to take off her clothes and sock already so ehhh im a bit effy. plus her daddy says no.

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