Monday, July 27, 2009


I know it's been several weeks since I posted a new blog but I've been so busy with work and the kids. So much has happened as well but of course I can't blog about's confidential. JK...But Connor, my son has his birthday on July 11th so threw him a pool party when he got back from MN and of course, he was shy at first but then had a blast. His favorite part was opening the presents. Of course, his older brother loved it just as much because he knows that it's partial his too. :)
Transformer Cake

Connor with his cake

Connor...can't wait to open his presents

Christien and Connor w/presents (The WII fit is really for me) lol...
I also went to a party that my cousin's threw for their parents. They are somewhat related but anyhow, it was a party up in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Good food....but the best part was meeting my long lost friend, Susana. (picture below) Her and I go way back. She was actually a neighbor and can't believe how good she looks. I seriously need to lose weight...weight does alot to a person as well as hair. Did I mentioned I saw some guys I used to know and yes, They are bald and omg...looks totally different. Praying that my boys will have hair because being bald does run in my mom's family as well as my dad's but worst for my mom's. My 24 yr old nephew was bald already at age 21...cute but no hair... :( His dad has more hair than him...hehehe....

Susana and me
Two weeks ago, I took my oldest son, Christien to karate and when I got back, I found my little princess bald....apparently, the hubby shaved her hair and now she's bald. I swear it's a myth...but the hubby said he shaved her hair so that her hair can grow thicker. WTH!!! I was so upset because it was getting longer and I so wanted to put her hair in pig tails but oh well...gotta wait 'til she's one now. :( Oh well...but I know it's not going to get any thicker. It's totally an Asian Myth.


  1. awww that so called myth only works if its 3 days after birth. i didnt shave my daughters hair because everyone who shaved their daughters hair actually grew slower. =(

  2. awww how cute, happy birthday to your lil man! i love that transformers cake!! hehe!

    haha about that myth... i dont know if my parents shaved my head bald when i was a baby but i had very little hair and when i grew older my hair became super thick! still is to this day! ;P

  3. I think we shaved Yani's hair when she was only a few months too. Still have the pics. She was sooooo cute!! Even Pat shaved his head along with her.

  4. Awww, your daughter is so cute! Love her bald head! :D