Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Festival

My little princess is now 8 months!

Sorry haven't been posting lately but been very busy. Will def. try to post more but maybe some blogging and and just pics. lol.
Can't believe it's almost the end of the year already. I went to Connor's Pumpkin Festival at school today and there were some cute costumes there. I'll post pics when I download them. I hate that my boys are so into Star Wars. He was Captain Rex last year and now he's Boba Fett. Get a different type of costume...was trying bribe him to wear my oldest son's costumes but he refuses. I guess he has his own mind and doesn't want to be like him even though he tries in every other way but just wants his own costumes. lol... I guess that's good even though I'm flat broke but gotta spoil my kids regardless.

Over the weekend, we went to two different pumpkin patches. One was just a little festival but we got there a little late so all the good pumpkins were gone; however, the kids still had a blast because some of the events were still going on. The next day, we just went to get pumpkins for the kids. Enjoy the pics!