Friday, October 30, 2009


My oldest son, Christien who is 7 years called 911 yesterday. After I got home, the kids were loud as usual and always fighting. My mom was telling me how someone called 911 and the police had called back to see if everything was ok. Both hubby and I knew exactly who called...when approached, he admitted to calling and saying that his little brother who is 4 hit him and it really hurt. He called 911...I was telling him that the police were coming to get him now and of course, that scared him. I had to tell him the difference between calling 911 for emergency and of course, just calling for nonsense stuff like them fighting. I'm hoping that didn't scare him for calling them in case of a real emergency.
Anyhow, yesterday was Christien's last day of baseball. Their team had a terrible season..didn't win not one single game. He had bad luck starting his first season of baseball but hopefully it won't discourage him from playing again.

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