Friday, May 22, 2009


As I was discussing with one of my childhood friends regarding blogs yesterday, I didn't realize how much a person can do. I am still on the learning stage regarding linking accounts with other blogspots sites out there and so on. I honestly didn't realize there were so many different blog sites so it was kind of hard to decide which one to use but decided on blogspot due to two close friends of mine having one.

I am sad that I didn't take any pictures yesterday. I was suppose to take pictures everyday to post them up so everyone can see what my daily life consists of but really...I do have a boring life so I'm sure no one is reading this unless they were really bored anyways. hehehe... But I promise to post up pictures everyday even if I do not have long blogs. I will have pictures along with a brief description of what the picture consists of. And with all that, I'm hoping that my photographs will look more professional and hoping maybe I can do little side jobs to help me pay for what I put in it. I would love to get into doing engagement, prom, kids, and maternity pictures. No weddings for me though...that would totally be too hectic and I would "HATE" to mess it up. I wouldn't mind doing it for fun for the experience though.

Since I didn't take any pics...I will post a pic I took last Friday while the boys were playing outside.
Boys on trampoline with their best friends
Hubby with Connor and Princess Caitaleena. At times, I still can't believe I have a daughter now. God has been great!
Taken Yesterday at MOG