Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day! Be sure to remember why we are off and take a moment to thank all the people(military) who fought for our country...the good U.S.A. This year sure has flown by after giving birth to my little princess. I can't believe it's almost June meaning half the year is over and I felt I haven't accomplish anything this year but I can't complain because God blessed me with my princess, Leena...she is so adorable. Her pics are below...please feel free to comment me and how I can make my pics better.

Caitaleena at 3 months
I'm naked...

So pretty. :)

I'm hungry.

I love this pose of her. She's doing the exact pose of Kitty.

Look at me.

Besides doing a photoshoot for my little princess, my little family and I went bowling at Stars and Stripes along with some friends. It's been a while since I bowled and I actually did pretty me, anything over 100 is good. lol. There were a total of 5 girls and tons of guys so us, ladies, just played by ourselves and the 3 lowest scores had to drink. Thank goodness, I didn't lose but the third game, this girl and I tied at 117 so I had to drink half of a drink which wasn't bad considering I was getting a little thirsty anyways. lol :)
More pics are posted on my Myspace.\mrsboubou


  1. She's so cute. Love her big eyes. She's the girl version of Connor

  2. She's a really adorable baby! <3

  3. Thanks for following my blog hun <3
    I'm going to follow yours too. I look forward to seeing more posts :)

  4. thank you for following my blog (:
    and your daughter is so precious! so cute, love the picture next to hello kitty. that's adorable haha

  5. aww... your daughter's sooo cute!!! i want a daughter too but the bf says not for a long while...which i totally agree. lol

  6. aww ur baby is adorable! i love the pic of her with hello kitty lol she has the same pose!!:D

  7. Aww! You princess is adorable! Love the picture with Hello Kitty! They look exactly the same! How did you manage to do that?