Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend (Cont)

I forgot to add that the family and I went to eat pho at Saigon over the weekend...yummy pho!

Later on, my oldest son and I went to get our haircut. I already had a haircut the previous week but I couldn't resist to get some side swept bangs for $5. I got the bangs look from this pic. I need makeup...this was later towards the night so my makeup was wearing off.

Pic from yesterday

As you can see, I love to take pics as well as be in pics. hehehe.., I had an early dentist appt before work. I had to get my routine cleaning done along w/x-rays. Sucks that they found a cavity on my wisdom tooth. No matter how good I take care of my teeth, they are just prone to cavities which sucks. I hope my kids will not have that problem. Otherwise, my teeth are in perfect I like to think. lol. I do like the dentist that I go to. But I am careful now to not always do what they want me to do due to my past experience...always get a second opinion.

I'm working from home today and oldest son is so annoying. I was ready to spank him. I blame myself along with everyone for spoiling him. He was the only child for 3 yrs so he always gotten everything he wanted esp from his Uncles and Grandparents. Look at that devilish look. hehehe...

Yesterday, my best friend, Lisa took me out for lunch for my birthday(which was 2 weeks ago...she's late but better late than never..hahaha) at Olive Garden. Yummy! I had the Chicken Spiedini. I did have my point and shoot Sony Camera; however, I was too hungry and forgot to take a pic of it. But I did get a pic of her and I. I've known this girl since high school and even though, we've lost touch for a bit, we can always pick off right where we left off. :)


  1. aw your kids are so cute! mix babies are def cute!

  2. oh, I've been craving Olive Garden for awhile now!

  3. lol your writing about your oldest son... reminds me of my oldest boy. he's been the only one for 4 years and man, oh man... he's a brat too so i know how you feel.

    btw, i'm following you too. :P

  4. Gosh, I love your camera!! LOL. Didn't know you got a hair cut. Shoot, my appt isn't until a few weeks. My hair stylist will be on vacation the week I want to get a cut.

  5. Oooh this looks so yummy!!! You are so gorgeous with and without makeup!! thanks so much for the follow too :)

  6. thanks! =) what nationality is your kids?